Mind Games by Teri Terry

Luna is a Refuser in a dystopian world where technology has advanced to the stage of allowing all humans access to virtual worlds where they can carry out everyday activities such as school as well as taking part in live action gaming worlds, using an implant and a device that allows their body to stay alive through life support whilst they live virtually forever. A Refuser is somebody who rejects the virtual worlds and chooses to attend school the 'old' way using classrooms and physical teachers without the use of mind-altering implants and advanced technology. When Luna enters these virtual worlds, she discovers things about herself that she never expected and she is thrust into a world she grew up in but knows very little about. 

Mind Games was incredible. The world-building is probably my favourite aspect of this book, having Luna's world explained so thoroughly, I felt as though virtual living could have been a real thing in our world too. I loved Luna as a character and whilst her constant questioning of everything became annoying, I can't really find a flaw in her character, or any others for that matter. I loved the twist of who the 'baddie' was and whilst I did see it coming, I enjoyed watching it play out. I would love for this book to be made into a series as I just love the world and wish to stay in it for as long as possible. No matter what you like to read, you should read Mind Games.

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