Monster by C.J. Skuse

Monster is perfect for this time of the year. How many creepy Halloween books are out there that haven't been overhyped by the entirety of booktube and the book blogging world? This one definitely stands out from the crowd and is a new release that I haven't heard a bad word about yet. 

Nash is sixteen and has done everything in her power to become Head Girl of her prestigious boarding school, forgoing all semblances of a social life in order to achieve her goal and prove to her parents she deserves it. However, when her brother disappears, Nash must remain in the lonely school over Christmas break and the legend of the Monster that roams the school grounds fills her mind. When the school matron (and the only adult looking after Nash and her friend) goes missing, it opens up a lot of questions over what dark presence is causing disturbances within the school. 

This book is an excellent Halloween read. With gripping imagery, an interesting boarding school story and strong relationships, it was a joy to read. There were twists throughout the story that seemed slightly predictable at times, but still enjoyable to watch the story unfold across the pages. The whole book had an air of intrigue and mystery about it that kept me turning page after page. I would highly recommend picking up this spooky read and giving it a go. 

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