Ms Marvel by Willow Wilson

The first volume of the new Ms. Marvel series is incredible. A recreation of the original Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel is Marvel's first Muslim superhero. Kamala Khan is a typical teenager from Jersey City, surrounded by people who don't understand her culture, Kamala just wants to fit in. Volume 1 sees Kamala discover her powers and begin to use them to help people across the city. 

Although I've read a couple of graphic novels, Ms. Marvel is my first ever comic book and I cannot wait for the next volume. I was so impressed with the illustrations and it was just so well written. 

Kamala is so relatable and dorky and the first volume shows her being unsure of her identity before she discovers her powers, as well as after, the evolution is shown by the end of the volume in her change in superhero appearance. I really liked this aspect. I was worried the story would just be a girl who discovers super-powers then saves people, which it is, but it is also so much more. The fact that Kamala is Marvel's first venture into diversity was pretty interesting and something I only found out when I read reviews after I finished reading it. The fact that Kamala is a Muslim with strict Pakistani parents is portrayed sufficiently, I feel. It wasn't too over the top and exaggerated, as I may have expected since so many people are drawing attention to the fact she is a diverse character. 

I can't express my love for Ms. Marvel enough. I will be re-reading it plenty of times until the next volume comes out and I highly highly recommend that you pick it up too.

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