Olivia Decoded by Vivi Barnes

*Please note this book is the second in the series, so may contain spoilers from the first book.*

Olivia Decoded picks up eight months after the final chapter of Olivia Twisted. Liv is happily living with her grandfather, going to a new school and has a new best friend. But then she receives a Valentines gift and she isn't sure where it came from. Slowly, creepy things start showing up and Liv realises someone is watching her - with the help of Z and Sam, can she find out who it is before they cause any more harm? 

I thought this book was a great sequel to Olivia Twisted and if that's the series finished now, I'd be happy. The ending rounded off the whole story and I felt as though the characters had lived out their narratives now - although I'd love to know more about the world and see a new story from someone else's perspective, such as Nancy or Sam. I would highly recommend reading this series - it's fast-paced, thrilling and will have you guessing until the last page. 

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