One Two Three by Elodie Nowodazkij

One Two Three is about seventeen-year-old Natalya, a talented ballerina who had everything taken away from her when she experienced a car crash which took her father and her dream of being a famous dancer. Natalya must navigate a new high school, her mother's drinking problem and the realisation that she may never dance again. 

I had high hopes for this book as the concept seemed interesting and for the first 30% of the book, the characters were intriguing. However, after that point, I found myself becoming annoyed at the speech and the storyline. The speech seemed unnatural throughout and whilst I liked the mixture of languages and felt that aspect was realistic to those characters, the speech in general felt stilted and uncomfortable. I became disinterested quite quickly and found myself skim-reading to get to a better part. 

I didn't particularly feel connected to any of the characters, even our main character, and for that reason, I didn't really enjoy reading this book. I probably wouldn't recommend picking up this book due to the issues I've mentioned, but for the most part it had a promising storyline, a good amount of diversity in the characters and a drama-filled plot. I can see why others would love this story but unfortunately, it just wasn't for me. 

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