Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

Oh my god. 

I don't even know if I have the words to summarise my thoughts on this book. So. Many. Feels.

Our Chemical Hearts is about Henry Page, an intelligent, witty teenage boy who had never been in love. This hadn't ever bothered him before, as he didn't understand the attraction to being in relationships and having your heart broken, he would much rather focus on his grades and becoming the editor of the school paper. That is, until Grace starts at their school - an unclean, unkempt mystery dressed in boys clothes and walking with a limp - and he begins to be drawn to her in surprising ways (Eleanor & Park style.) As Henry begins to get to know Grace, or the Grace he thought he knew, he learns far more about her demons than he could have ever imagined. 

This book was so incredibly sad, so incredibly real and so incredibly well-written. I sped through it, feeling as though the book was my entire universe and I couldn't get enough. Messed-up characters are one of my favourite types to read, so this book was absolutely perfect and numerous times I found myself saying "oh my god" out loud at the revelations in this book. 

I would highly highly recommend reading this book, particularly if you're a fan of John Green-esque books (without the cliche'd unrealistic characters) as it has the same deep, witty yet profound feel to it. I highlighted and screenshotted many parts of this book, as it is just so quotable and thought-provoking. If you read any contemporary YA books this year - make sure it is this one.

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