Out of Order by Casey Lawrence

*Trigger warning: This book does contain graphic content about a shooting*

Corey, Kate, Ricky and Jessa are best friends preparing for graduation and navigating the world of school, sexuality, friendship and romance. When Corey witnesses three of them being killed in a diner after prom, she must cope with the aftermath in the days that follow. 

Firstly, I liked that this story wasn't told in a linear timeframe. We were given the events that unfolded, then told about the dates leading up to the event which gave us a backstory about the characters. Each chapter was titled with a date and whilst I can often lose track of this in most novels, I found this quite easy to follow and as we were taken back to the same dates a couple of times, it was well done. 

The characters were built up in a way that was relatable and each character was likeable in their own way, showing how different personalities can form tight friendships. I think the book was tied off very nicely and given the events of the story, we were never going to get a happy ending but it was as uplifting as it could have been. I would recommend reading this story but beware - you will need a packet of tissues on standby. 

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