Outcast: Volume 1 by Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta


‘Outcast: Volume 1’, by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, is the first graphic novel I have ever read. Therefore, I am by no means an expert in what is good or bad in graphic novels. All I knew about it was that it was from the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’ and that I was more drawn to reading this than ‘The Walking Dead’ as there is less hype over it and so, less chance of it being a huge disappointment. I have to admit I am so happy I decided to pick up the first volume.

‘Outcast: Volume 1’ introduces us to the character of Kyle Barnes, a pitiful young man who lives alone in a decrepit dirty home. Kyle is plagued by horrible memories…… Horrible being a massive understatement. Kyle has had to face the possession of his loved ones all his life. Starting when he was but a teen, Kyle has seen demons taking over the bodies of his nearest and dearest. It all began with his mother, who turned from being loving and adoring to violent and maniacal in the blink of an eye. His memories of her as a kind nurturing woman are few and far between. Throughout the novel, we see flashbacks to when his mother was possessed and what has made him a recluse today.

We are also introduced to Reverend Anderson, a man trying to exorcise demons out of the people in his parish. He knows Kyle has a special ‘gift’ which allowed him to banish the demon out of his mother. Kyle is not convinced he had anything to do with his mother’s demon, but when he hears of a similar case of possession with a young boy he agrees to come and visit, to see if what the reverend thinks of him is true. And so, the two embark on a journey filled with demons and possession, to find a way to rid the Earth of this terrible disease, to find out what is truly happening to their loved ones.

As I said earlier, I am extremely happy I picked up this graphic novel. I was hooked from the very first page. I loved the artwork and how there are side stories in it, besides demonic activity. I liked how dark it was. You never knew what would happen next. The flashbacks in this novel were very important in showing the hardships Kyle has had to endure throughout his life and I liked how different both the reverend and Kyle were. I just thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel. It was short and easy to read, perfect for those dreaded reading slumps. I think it would be a good one to read if you were just starting the graphic novel genre, like me.