Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield

In an almost Cinderella-esque story, June is living a nightmare with her step-sister and step-mother following her mothers death. When June meets Blister and becomes part of a normal family dynamic, she finds hope and an escape from her everyday life. 

The one thing I hate in the world is people being treated badly. So this book was so difficult for me to read, but it opens my eyes to something that I know goes on, but I choose to turn a blind eye to. Every now and then, it brings you back down to earth to remind yourselves what some people in the world are going through, no matter how much it breaks your heart. 

This book surprised me, broke my heart, and allowed me to experience a great deal of empathy for our main character. It shows how quickly things can spiral downwards if you don't speak up. I would recommend reading this book, as it may encourage you to help others around you if you know something similar could be happening to them.