Puppet by Pauline C. Harris

I want to start my review by saying that this book was amazing and will probably be one of my favourite books I've read this year. As with all books I love, I searched for the author on Twitter and found out she was just nineteen - NINETEEN! I'm now a follower of both her twitter account and her Youtube account and I'm going to be buying a paperback copy of this book as soon as I can. 

Puppet is about Penelope, a 'living marionette' in a world of advanced technology and mind-controlling science. Marionettes are a lifelike robot created to perform superhuman tasks such as extraordinary strength and fast reflexes. 

When Penelope makes a deal with Jed to swap adoption for being a test subject in his experiments, she doesn't realise it's going to cost her her freedom. 

The book starts off with great world-building. I really felt as though I was involved in the world and that it was realistic and extraordinary. The characters were well-written and I loved all of them, even the 'baddies.' Penelope's battle between her love for Jed and her inability to control herself was realistically portrayed and it was clear how torn she was. I just loved absolutely everything about this book and will definitely be reading more from Pauline C. Harris. 

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