Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits is from the perspective of two teenagers, Echo Emerson - the once-popular stunner with a jock boyfriend who suddenly became a whispered-about outsider with scars covering her arms and Noah Hutchins, the brooding loner in the leather jacket with a lot more to him than what you see on the surface. Nobody knows what happened to Echo to make her world turn upside down, even Echo can't remember, but when Noah enters her life, she's more determined than ever to find answers. At the same time, Noah is struggling with his own problems - his parents died meaning he had to be put into the foster system away from his two young brothers who he believes should be with him and not a foster family. 

Pushing the Limits is very much character-based, rather than event-based. It focuses on the way the characters feel and react about the events that happen, as well as the relationship they have with each other. The story was quite slow-moving but it kept me intrigued throughout. I can't honestly pick out specific reasons why I didn't give it more stars, it just didn't stay with me or affect me the same way other books have in the past. However, it was a well-written and very enjoyable book. The ending offered a great amount of closure for both the reader and the characters which left me satisfied. I would recommend reading this book, although I would warn you, there are emotional moments that may have you welling up! 

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