ReWired by S.R. Johannes

ReWired is a YA thriller about Ada, a 16-year-old hacker who is part of an online hacking community known for some of the recent big cyber crimes and security-breaches. When Ada gets busted by the FBI for hacking into the world's biggest teen-only social networking site, she is offered a chance at rehabilitation. Ada is shipped off to Reboot, a tech rehab centre where her best friend lived prior to committing suicide. Ada doesn't just want to clear her name for this cyber crime, she also wants answers as to why her best friend who had never seemed suicidal, took her own life. 

ReWired was a gripping book that kept me interested throughout and I sped through it, enjoying the reading. However, parts of it were very predictable, there were a lot of hints dropped throughout that just seemed really obvious, so I took note of them and they turned out to be plot points later in the book. That was slightly disappointing and took away from the 'thriller' aspect in my mind, since I like to be surprised by the twists and turns of a thriller novel. Other than that, the book was a good read and I enjoyed Ada's character a lot despite her flaws, she's the type of girl I would choose to be friends with. I would recommend reading this book if you're into hacking/tech/suspense type books.

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