Secrets, Lies & Scandals by Amanda K. Morgan

Five teenagers have a Summer they'll never forget when they're forced to deal with the accidental murder of a teacher. Each student has their own life going on, but they are joined together after an incident one day after Summer school. Can they learn to trust each other?

This book was entertaining, but it wasn't gripping the way I had hoped. I was looking forward to reading a YA book about murder and hopefully discovering a hidden gem along the way, but I was disappointed by this book since I had set my expectations so high. It was entertaining, the characters were interesting to read about and the stories of their lives intertwined well. The mystery/thriller aspect of the book was intriguing, but not overly addictive and I just sort-of lost interest half-way through. I pushed on and completed the book, with an overwhelming feeling of nothingness afterwards. I wouldn't necessarily recommend reading this, there are far better books out there, but it passes the time and is fairly enjoyable. 

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