Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Steamy enough for YA and enough twists to be a John Grisham novel, 'Shatter Me' will get you fanning your blushing red face and sitting at the edge of your seat in this rollercoaster ride of a book. 

'Shatter Me' is Tahereh Mafi's debut novel, and is set to be the first of a trilogy. The novel, set in a dystopian society focuses on Juliette as she's imprisoned for 264 days in a prison cell for murder - albeit accidental. In comes Adam, who becomes her new cell mate. Gradually, they begin to form a bond, but here's the thing – touch her and you'll die.

Like, literally.

Juliette has a rare genetic condition that makes her touch lethal. She has been shunned by society (The Reestablishment) as their concerns are seemingly more important: finding food, fighting wars, getting rid of diseases much like hers. However, Warner comes into the picture, a soldier, promising to help and seemingly transfixed by Juliette and her powers; he hopes to use her as a weapon of destruction. Once she discovers that Adam is somehow immune to her fatal touch, they concoct plans of their own.

Mafi's style of writing, although stunning becomes overwhelming quite quickly with her overuse of metaphors and word cancelling, readers can be put off quite easily. Nevertheless, Mafi holds a gift for conjuring emotion. She excellently captures Juliette's internal struggle, not afraid to play with words and break the rules of internal narrative voices (Juliette is very meek and doesn't have a lot of dialogue in the beginning of the novel). With a decent balance of romance, adventure and action, Mafi's writing will leave you on edge till the very end.

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