The Summer Solstice: Enchanted by K.K.Allen


Summer Solstice is a fast-paced read that pits Kat, a teen with abandonment issues, against her grandma Rose when Kat is forced to move in with her. Kat is transplanted from a life of relative poverty and seclusion to one of immense luxury and publicity in a tight-knit Florida community managed by Rose.
Why is Kat fighting with her grandmother? The generation gap between them is just the tip of the iceberg. Rose is keeping secrets from Kat--a lot of them--and Rose's "You can't handle the truth" attitude really annoys Kat. For me, the highlight of this book was uncovering the truth along with Kat and delving into Rose's past.
If you are expecting to get answers to everything by the end of the book, you may be disappointed. But that's what sequels are for, right?
A fun read. I dare you to not think "unleash your inner goddess" at least once while reading this book.

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