Talon by Julie Kagawa

An eye-catching book, gleaming red and scaly, ‘Talon’ delivers an interesting premise.

Dragons live amongst us, disguised in human form.  They are beautiful, wealthy and manipulative, using their natural attraction to gain power.

The order of St George has long known this and as a secret militaristic organisation has pursued them relentlessly for centuries, no matter the cost, performing their duties with fatalistic acceptance. Fighting a dragon in its true form is never without casualties, something that 17-year-old Garret Xavier Sebastian knows well.

New to this hidden war is Ember, restless and excited to be away from her desert schooling, she is young, impulsive and largely unconcerned by the struggle that she has been born into.

At times, the plot can become linear and predictable. The doomed ‘star-crossed’ relationship between two people on opposite sides of a war is set to the disconcerting backdrop of trips to the mall, parties and surfing lessons. Quickly this becomes a triangle of confusion with the introduction of a rogue dragon, leaving Ember wondering; what is the truth? And which is she, dragon or girl?

The next installment ‘Rogue’ is available in Kindle format from the 28th of April and in paperback on the 7th of May.

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