The Deviants by C.J. Skuse

*Trigger warning: this book does contain some upsetting imagery involving sexual assault*

Ella grew up with her four best friends - Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane - who were inseparable. Years later after the group has drifted apart, they're brought back together in a surprising way that involves revenge, secrets and hidden identities. 

I think the less you know about this book when going into it, the better. It's a great YA thriller that holds your attention throughout. There were quite a few parts of the book that were difficult to read at times, but that was because it was so realistic and I felt such empathy for the characters, Ella in particular. 

The characters were so lovable and although I saw the secrets way before they were actually revealed, reading how the story unfolds was really entertaining. At one point, I did feel as though the author was trying to touch upon each diversity character trope and it did feel a bit forced, but I enjoyed the diversity in the characters. 

I would highly recommend reading The Deviants and any of C.J.Skuse's other work - amazing book from an amazing author. 

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