The Elite by Kiera Cass

*Please note this book is the second in the Selection series, so the following review may contain spoilers from the first book*

The Elite starts as the Selection competition has been narrowed down to just six girls that Maxon must choose between. All the other girls are sure of what they want and the competition is getting fierce - they will stop at nothing to win. But America is still torn. Torn between whether she wants Maxon or Aspen. And torn between whether or not she can handle being Queen. 

This book interested me, as I lost quite a lot of respect and trust for almost all of the main characters - apart from America, and her maids. Maxon was still a great character, until the Celeste moment - which made my skin crawl and I immediately lost respect for him. Aspen has always gotten on my nerves and I'm not sure why he's so spineless and why he lets America treat him the way he does - he adds a level of depth to the story but as a character, I'm not a fan. My hate for the King was built towards the end, for obvious reasons, and I'm not looking forward to seeing what he tries next but it's clear he doesn't want America to win and whilst this will add an entertaining bit of drama to the story, I just don't feel it's necessary from his point of view. 

I'm still really enjoying the series as a whole and can't wait to see where the story goes from here. 

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