The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

The Haunting of the Sunshine Girl is a creepy YA horror. Whilst it takes a lot to scare me, this book definitely creeped me out and if I had to describe the scariness, I'd say it had the atmosphere of Ghost Whisperer (the TV show) rather than The Exorcist. Sunshine is an ordinary teenager, or so she thinks. When she has to move halfway across the country for her mom's new job, she begins to hate the creepy old house in the dull, cold town she now lives in. When Sunshine makes friends with Nolan, together they discover things about her that she never imagined and they begin searching for answers to questions they weren't even sure were possible. 

Firstly, I feel as though I should make a little comment about the main thing people mention when they talk about this book. Before I read this book, I had no idea that it was based on a Youtube channel but after reading it and finding this out, I decided to give it a watch. If you have the time to work out how the channel works and like the Paranormal Activity kinds of things, you should check out the Youtube channel of the same name as this book. For me, I didn't understand how it worked so it didn't interest me, but since this book was created from the channel, I felt it deserved a mention. 

I absolutely loved this book. Although I earlier described it as horror, it's not as extreme as the word 'horror' leads you to believe. The storyline does contain ghosts and demons and possession, but as far as scares go, it is pretty mild, making it perfect for a YA audience. Sunshine was relatable and whilst she was a bit of a loner and people often found her weird, it wasn't the main aspect of the story as it often is in other YA novels and I liked that. It helped round her character, but it wasn't used as a crutch to make the character more relatable to the stereotypical bookish types like myself. I hoped that the relationship between the mother and daughter would have been a bigger part towards the beginning of the book, since it was described as being like Gilmore Girls, but it just seemed mediocre in terms of their relationship. 

The book gripped me from the first chapter and I sped through it, dying to know what was going to happen. I am so glad this is a series as I want to find out more about Sunshine and how she copes with her new discoveries. I absolutely loved this book and I'd recommend it to anybody.

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