The Heir by Kiera Cass

*This book is the fourth in The Selection series so the following review may contain spoilers for the previous books*

The Heir picks up years after the original selection ends and we're given a fresh new perspective into life in the Illea palace - in the form of America and Maxon's daughter Eadlyn who is in line for the throne. Twenty years have passed since Maxon took the throne and eliminated the class system, but new problems are arising and the royal family need a distraction to fill the minds of their people - a new selection. With Eadlyn being painted as a strong, independent Queen-to-be, she doesn't want a man at her side and the idea of being forced to get to know several men at once is ludicrous to her, but she agrees for the sake of her country and undergoes quite a character development along the way. 

Firstly, I love Cass's books. She creates a magical world, even when bad things are happening, that just draws me in and makes me a part of the narrative. This book was no different. But sadly, that's where my positives end for The Heir. I really disliked Eadlyn's character - being raised by America, who was so caring, thoughtful and down-to-earth, I can't believe Eadlyn grew up to be so entitled and selfish. I hated her character and don't particularly care who she ends up with. I do, however, notice that her flaws as a character were purposeful, which was made obvious when various other characters within the book point out Eadlyn's shortcomings. They were maybe created to draw a large character development arc, but I just don't understand how she could have turned out the way she did when her parents were so lovely in the previous books. 

As for the boys - I'm team Erik. I'll be continuing with the series purely to complete it, but I'm not interested in Eadlyn's character or her future.

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