The Hunter Awakens by J.R. Roper

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Ethan and his sister are forced to stay on his grandparents farm following their fathers death and a tornado which completely ruined their family home. Their expectations of farm life are far from reality and strange things start happening. This book is one that its best to go into as blind as possible, that way you're completely thrown into this new world without having anything spoiling it for you. 

With a strong theme of magic and fantasy elements, this story is definitely one that will have you captivated from the start. Roper is amazing at world-building and although this is a series, we get a strong sense of the world he created even just from the first book in the series, something many authors don't manage to achieve. I enjoyed reading about the characters and can't wait to continue on with the series. The next two books in The Morus Chronicles are out now, plus a short story collection set in the same world and I highly highly recommend you check out this series. 

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