The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard


With the announcement of the TV series following in Pretty Little Liars footsteps, I had to check out the Perfectionists series. It was quite a short read so I managed to squeeze in reading it on a quick weekend trip to Germany, but I wasn't as pleased with the book as I thought I would be. 

The Perfectionists is set in an intense elite high school where students are pushed to be as perfect as they can be. As with all high schools, there is a reigning king who everyone seems to adore, at Beacon Heights, that's Nolan Hotchkiss. When four girls, from different cliques, are united by their hatred of Nolan, they come up with the perfect way to solve all their problems - by murdering him, hypothetically, of course. But when Nolan is actually murdered a few days later in the same way they were planning, the girls are left confused and trying to find answers. 

To say this book was enjoyable would be true, but I was hoping to be gripped, on the edge of my seat, and all those other cliches. I'm going to continue on with the series, because it was an interesting concept, even if some of the characters were infuriating to spend time reading about. I'm excited to see how the TV show turns out and if they deviate from the books, like PLL did.

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