The Self-Esteem Team's Guide to Sex, Drugs & WTFs?!

The Self-Esteem Team's Guide to Sex, Drugs & WTFs is an information source, an advice handbook and a cosy conversation with three older sisters. Think of it as what you wish your parents and teachers would tell you; the truth about topics like self-harm, sexting, physical appearance, self-esteem and so many more that adults don't generally like to discuss openly. Grace Barrett, Natasha Devon and Nadia Mendoza (also known as the Self-Esteem Team) give their open and frank answers and advice on topics that may be seen as taboo to parents or teachers and it's refreshing to read something that as an adult, I can look at and genuinely wish I had read when I was younger. 

The chapters are divided by topic and then broken down further into sections written by the girls with clear headings so you know who is saying what. With a friendly, witty and informative writing style, this book is a breeze to read through and I often found myself going back and re-reading certain parts again. 

This book gives such an honest answer to so many of the questions teenagers need answers to, but its openness is accompanied by messages that leave the reader feeling positive and happier in themselves. Most importantly, this book doesn't patronise. Often, adults patronise children and teenagers as they simply forget what it was like, the Self-Esteem Team manage to balance this perfectly. By the end of the book, I felt as though I knew the girls personally and that they were my friends, rather than somebody preaching to me how I should feel and behave. Not many guides of this type manage to achieve that, but this one does and for that reason (and many more), I think you should pick it up and tell all your friends about it. 

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