The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching

The Soulkeepers is the first book in a fantasy series about Jacob Lau, a teenage boy who is pulled from a car crash in his mothers' car with his mothers' body nowhere in sight. With no family in the place Jacob has spent his life, he's sent to live with an uncle he never knew existed. Whilst living in this strange new town, he discovers something isn't quite right about himself and a mysterious neighbour offers to help him understand as well as find his missing mother. She insists on training him to develop his potential as a Soulkeeper and he agrees, with one goal in sight: to find any information about the disappearance of his mother. Jacob discovers a world he couldn't even imagine and gets lost in a series of half-truths. 

The story itself was creative and original, but it just lacked a certain something. It was well written and the idea of good vs evil, whilst cliched, had a new twist that I hadn't seen before. The story does place a heavy emphasis on God and religion, which I wasn't expecting and being an atheist, wasn't really my thing but I tried to separate those concepts as much as possible and just read the book for what it is. I would recommend reading this book if it's on sale or if you can borrow a copy from a friend, as it is well written and an interesting way to pass the time but it isn't one of my favourites.

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