The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Belly, a young girl who spends every Summer with her mother, brother, mother's best friend and her two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Despite having known each other all their lives, Belly has always had a soft spot for the boys, Conrad in particular. The book contains quite a lot of flashbacks from their younger years, so the reader can get a feel for the relationship Belly has with the boys and their mother, Susannah. Whilst young Belly annoyed me with her need to fit in and her naivete, she was as young as 8 in some chapters so I understood why she behaved the way she did, I just enjoyed it slightly less than the current-day chapters. 

Overall, the book was really enjoyable and I whizzed through it, dying to know what happened to the characters next. The Summer I Turned Pretty is more about getting to know the characters, which I wasn't used to in a contemporary book as they're usually standalone's but seeing how this one laid the foundations for the trilogy, without giving too much away was really interesting to me as it's not something I've ever read before. I would highly recommend reading this book, and the whole trilogy, if you like contemporary.

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