The Tethering by Megan O'Russell

A youth who doesn't realize he has powerful supernatural abilities is taken away to cohabitate with others of his kind and be mentored on how to harness his abilities to help mankind. No, this isn't X-Men or Harry Potter. This is The Tethering; a story with a familiar premise, but a life and voice all its own.

The pacing was great! The story moved quickly and had a great blend of action, suspense, and plot reveals. The love triangle started out straightforward and got more complex as the story progressed. My favorite parts of the book were the creative ways magic was used for good and evil purposes.

The author did a great job of introducing the magic system without bogging the narrative down with too much detail. The aspects of magic that were explained in more detail earlier in the book show up in practical application later in the book, so pay attention ;)

A great debut novel!

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