There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins


There's a killer on the loose in the small town of Osborne. Before the killer brutally attacks the victims, he messes with their heads, misplaces items around their home and generally fucks with them. Terrifying, right?

This book is described as YA meets Scream and that's pretty accurate. A teen slasher movie, but written as a YA novel, and I couldn't get enough. It takes a lot to scare me when it comes to visuals, whether it's TV shows or movies, I just don't get scared. However, books are an entirely different story. Somehow, a well-written book can take me inside the story as though I'm there, and Perkins did an excellent job of creeping me out with this one. I loved all of the characters especially Makani, our strong MC, and I even loved the killer in a strange, fucked-up way, meaning I loved the way Perkins wrote him and made someone who was so normal on the outside so messed up and terrifying. With a perfect amount of relationship-building, character history and action, this book is incredible. 

I would highly highly recommend reading this book, particularly as it's coming up to Halloween and the book is set in this season. Stephanie Perkins, please write more YA horror!

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