This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

Lucille hasn't had the easiest life. Her dad went crazy, her mother has disappeared leaving her to look after her little sister alone and she must get a job to pay for the ever-growing bills that keep arriving. On top of this, she's dealing with feelings for her best friend's twin and must struggle to provide for her sister whilst maintaining a normal teenage life. 

This book was fun to read, but tough at times given the topics covered. When I put myself in Lucille's position, I couldn't possibly imagine coping with that amount of responsibility at that age, which made it difficult to read at times. However, Laure's easy writing style made it fun to read and I was drawn into the narrative and the characters, rather than focusing on the negative situation. I really didn't like Lucille's best friend, she was a pretty shitty friend throughout and that made me quite sad but at the same time felt realistic in situations like this, not everyone will be a secret angel that will refill your cupboards without you knowing. 

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it - it will definitely put things into perspective and remind you to not take your parents - or lifestyle - for granted.

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