Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Peter Pan has always been, always is, and always will be my favorite fairytale fable ever. I love all the characters except Wendy because well, frankly, she’s annoying.

In my attempt to get a break from you-know-who, I figured I’d try my hand at PP retellings. But for the past 4 years, I have been more sorely disappointed at all the authors leaving out my utterly most cherished character ever in Peter Pan: Tiger Lily.

So when I stumbled across a lovely read by Jodi Lynn Anderson, with my beloved character’s name as the title, I knew I had to give it shot.

It has since left a massive, damaging wake in my PP retellings ship.

Tiger Lily is a cleverly crafted story about first love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness. Told through the unique POV of Tinkerbell, we get to glimpse first-hand the untold story of the girl with a raven feather in her hair and a thirsty heart.

To say Jodi Lynn Anderson crafted a light-hearted read would be a straight-up lie. Your heart will be wrenched out, wringed, and tossed across the Neverland sea before you’ll finally come to some of your senses and wade back into the murky waters, cradling your lost heart with all the despair and love it desperately needs.

The themes are heavy. Tiger Lily is too relatable. You know what the ending will be and yet you still find yourself begging the book in its final chapters to please change its typed-in-ink mind.

But even a little faith, trust, and pixie dust can’t fix Tiger Lily.

Trust me, I tried.


**This playlist is a great way to cope with trying to put your heart back into your chest):

  1. Bird Set Free by Sia

  2. Burning Heart by SVRCINA

  3. Dynasty by Miia

  4. Elastic Heart by Sia

  5. Long and Lost by Florence + the Machine

  6. On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter

  7. Undercover by Zara Larsson

  8. War of Hearts by Ruelle

  9. Warrior by Beth Crowley

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