Touch by Jus Accardo

Finally, a paranormal romance with a protagonist that knows her self worth, doesn't blush every five seconds and unfortunate for some, fails to describe the “perfection” that is the male love interest on Every. Damn. Page. This is 'Touch' by Jus Accardo.

Deznee, (Dez for short) is a seventeen-year-old spunky, adrenaline junkie who lives to annoy her father Marshall Cross. On her way home, after breaking curfew on a night out with some friends, Deznee encounters a strange boy with ice blue eyes and sees this as a perfect opportunity to piss off her Dad as per usual - but with this guy's odd mannerisms: wearing her shoes in the shower, his fascination with vases and referring to a photo of her father as “The Devil”, blue-eyed Kale's creep factor shoots from nil to about a million in the space of three pages. Once he recognises her father and reveals to Dez that his “law firm” Denazen is a place that keeps 'Sixes' (people with special powers) brainwashing and using them as weapons, these two team up in order to liquidate the Denazen corporation once and for all.

Accardo diminishes all stereotypes of female protagonists in this stellar debut novel of a book. With a distinctive voice for each and every character from the villain to heroine, Accardo conjures well-developed characters you won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

As rebellious and badass Dez seems to be, she has a kind heart and an a no-nonsense attitude which makes her lovable, however, it's none other than Kale, the male love interest that will keep you reading. His endearingly naïve but honest view of the world around him will make you laugh and sometimes, cringe. Kale brings out in Dez a softer side that she doesn't reveal very often creating an altogether healthy but sizzling-hot relationship. 

A lot of writers play it safe by going along with the crowd, especially in YA, publishing what sells the most which usually goes like this: Damsel in distress + super hot hero as love interest = best seller! 

However, Accardo's debut novel 'Touch', is a needle in a haystack. It's intriguing, funny, action-packed and filled with twists that will most likely leave you begging for more. 

Hats off to you Jus Accardo!

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