Travel Glasses by Chess Desalls


Travel Glasses is a sci-fi novel about one girl's journey through time to escape her reality and discover the truth about herself. This book made me think... and not just about the mind-boggling conundrum of time travel itself.

I enjoyed seeing how the decisions a character made in the past (or pasts--I won't event try to explain that) shaped that character's destiny for better or for worse. Because of time travel, the main character, Calla, can see people's lives play out in a non-linear fashion and get to know them from the past, present, and future (again-- I won't try to explain that). While doing this, Calla discovers her pre-conceived notions of why people do the things they do are not always correct-- something for everyone to think about.

I also enjoyed the originality of the devices and means of time travel in this book. Technology wasn't the only factor. Yes, technology provided the foundation for travel, but a person's thoughts prior to travel were what ultimately determined a traveler's destination. This was a refreshing deviation from the plug any date into a time travel machine and push a button approach of time travel seen in so many other novels.

Make time to read this one!

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