Twilight by Stephanie Meyer


Twilight for anyone who doesn’t know (which I am sure everybody does) is a vampire romance. I read twilight for the first time many years ago now! Before I knew anything about it, before the hype, even before it was made into a film! I’m not sure what I had expected from it but it wasn’t what I got!

I really loved this book. I know it is a little like marmite, people seem to either love it or hate it, I haven’t come across many who are on the fence. But me personally, I’m in the love camp! To be honest though, over the years my views have become a lot more complicated than that, so I will try to balance this review as best as possible.

Initially, what really made me fall for this book was the romance. Edward’s all encompassing love for Bella really made me swoon! Lets be honest who wouldn’t want someone who loved them unconditionally, that would do anything for them…even stalk them to make sure their safe. Ok so maybe the unconditional love does come across as a little obsessive. I seriously question a character’s judgement when they fall so quickly and so irrevocably for someone…love at first sight and all that jazz. But Meyer managed to create the perfect man in Edward…if you like that kind of thing of course. The blossoming of their relationship is what makes this novel so intriguing.

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that Edward and his family are vampires…or maybe we can. I think that his being a vampire is irrelevant to the story except that without it Edward would not have been so obsessed with me, because he was drawn to her blood (hmm not a great basis for a relationship). It felt a little like Meyer didn’t have enough confidence in her characters, as if she was scared that they couldn’t carry the story by themselves. At the end of the day, she needed a hook. And God did she find one. It’s not that I’m against vampire fiction (in fact I love it!), it’s that I don’t picture Edward or his family as vampires. She wimped out if you ask me, she was scared to really embrace the vampirism. Yes proper, full-blown, human-blood sucking vampires turn up but again they could easily just been very bad people who could run fast. Vampires in this novel are purely there for popularity.

Another point of contention I have with this novel is the character of Bella. It still surprises me how many people seem to think that Bella represents a strong female…um I’m not getting it personally. Talk about damsel in distress! A clumsy, shy and awkward girl. Innocent and unaware of her good looks, the perfect female who needs a strong male to save her. I think Meyer made a huge mistake in Twilight with her portrayal of Bella…even when she tries to save the day she puts herself in more danger. When I look around at the strong, female role models in young adult books now I pity Bella. I don’t think she would have a fighting chance in the Hunger Games arena (except of course if Edward was with her).

Don’t get me wrong I did really, really enjoy this book. I devoured it pretty much in one sitting and couldn’t wait to read the next one. I was hooked completely. However, with hindsight I do have objections to some parts of the novel. Bearing all this in mind I would give the book an unheard of 10/10, no matter my problems with the novel, I adored it and would recommend it to anyone.

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