Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Norah has OCD and Agoraphobia. She doesn't leave her house, is home schooled and hasn't touched another teenager in four years. Whilst things are extremely difficult for her, she's content inside her bubble and doesn't expect anything more for her life. Until Luke moves in next door and shows an interest in her that she has never experienced before. 

This book was so so difficult to read. I don't suffer from OCD or agoraphobia, but somehow I could relate to a lot of Norah's anxieties and awkwardness. However, although my brain doesn't work exactly the way Norah's does, this book almost made me feel like it did. It felt so real and I could tell from the very beginning that this author was writing from her heart and was very familiar with the emotions and thought-patterns Norah experienced. 

This book broke my heart numerous times, made me cry, sewed it back together again, made me gasp in distress at Norah's pain and lastly, made me fall in love with Luke. I wish all boys (read: humans) were as understanding as Luke was, this really was a special character to read about. 
I would highly highly recommend reading this excellent book, if not to enjoy the incredibly realistic characters, or the excellent writing, then to educate yourself on the inner-workings of mental health issues.

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