Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

Unnatural Deeds blew me away. Sometimes you finish a book and are left stunned, with few words to summarise your thoughts. This was one of those books, but I'll attempt to review it anyway. 

It's best to go into this book knowing very little about it - so I'll only tell you this: Victoria Zell is a loner, she isn't interested in having friends and likes to observe life from the sidelines. She has her home-schooled boyfriend living next door to her and that's all she really needs. Until Z starts at her school and turns everything upside down, making her question everything she thought she knew. 

Whilst this book sounds like a romantic drama or a contemporary YA novel, it has a very dark undertone and an explosive ending. At the beginning of each chapter, we're presented with snippets of newspaper articles, coroners reports and police interviews - all giving tiny tidbits of information about a murder. As the story unfolds, we're taken on a rollercoaster of emotion that left me breathless. 

I would highly recommend reading this book. I hope to read more of Balog's work, as her story-telling technique gripped me and left me feeling emotionally wrought. You must read this book! 

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