Unrivaled by Alyson Noel

Unrivaled is a glitzy, fast-paced contemporary mystery that follows numerous characters as they make their way through a high-stakes competition in which they must promote different clubs for the same owner. Each character has their own reasons for entering and naturally, all come with a load of baggage, but they all have one thing in common: they're determined to get the hottest celebs into their clubs. When one of the most coveted celebs goes missing, all of the entrants must untangle their web of lies to prove themselves, whilst maintaining their place in the competition. 

This book was fun and whilst it is a mystery, it's not all that gripping in that sense. I loved the characters, the competition, the narrative and the different perspectives. I loved the Hollywood setting and most of all, I loved the way the club scene was portrayed (instead of being unrealistic, it painted a fairly true picture of the club scene for readers who may not have experienced it yet and don't know what to expect). I am highly anticipating the next book in this series, and I would strongly recommend you read this book if you're a fan of Gossip Girl and other similar shows/books.

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