Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

‘Vendetta’, by Catherine Doyle, is the story of two feuding families, reminiscent of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in its plot. Well, without all the horrific deaths and ultimate tragedy of course. I don’t think a second Romeo and Juliet would have been fair to my poor tear ducts.  After seeing Leo die in the movie I was traumatised for a long time.

‘Vendetta’ is about sixteen year old Persephone “Sophie” Gracewell who lives in the Chicago suburbs. This book is set during the summer, when a new family moves into a dilapidated mansion, the subject of many stories, good and bad, in the neighbourhood.  A family consisting of five incredibly hot brothers.

Sophie is returning home from a shift at her uncle’s diner, previously owned by her father before he was sent to prison, when she notices that the front of the house is looking a lot more groomed than the last time she went home that way. Curiosity gets the better of her and she stands in the gate of the house, a bit rude but we will forgive her. It is while she is lurking just inside the gate that someone sees her and starts walking towards her. Having just realised that she was creeping outside their house she rushes away, afraid that the shadow walking towards her is a murderer, not realising it is one of the brothers.

After she stops abruptly to avoid hitting a cat, the shadow behind her bashes into her, scaring the crap out of her and causing her to fall. The shadow lifts her up by the waist and seeing how this situation could be extremely bad for her she runs once again.

Sophie meets the ‘shadow’ the next day in the diner. He is not a shadow now, but a boy called Nic. An extremely hot boy, with dark hair, brown eyes, long legs and olive skin. Oh and he’s Italian. Can her life get any better?

Realising who one another are, they flirt a bit. Sophie cannot help feeling a connection to him. More embarrassing is that they do this in front of Nic’s brother Luca, who is a cantankerous and moody character. Equally as hot as Nic though.

As the book goes on, she meets all of the brothers one way or another. She also notices how they are keeping secrets.  She is consistently warned away from the family by her father, uncle and neighbours. However more worrying is the fact that she is being warned away from Nic too by Luca, his own brother.

 There is just something not right about them. The fact that her uncle, Jack, is staying away from the neighbourhood, hiding away, makes Sophie question whether it’s because this new family is in town and that they have a more sinister motive for being there.

I know that was a very shady summary. The fact of the matter is I have to be careful of what I mention in case I ruin the whole book. It is all very interconnected and well thought out. If I mention something it could ruin something else and I DO NOT want that to happen.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the storyline and that it is a bit like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. I liked how I went into it with a very basic idea of what it’s about. I was shocked by the events in this book. I was NOT expecting it to turn out the way it did. I was expecting a contemporary summer read, not a thriller. I really liked how it wasn’t just about a blossoming romance. I liked how Nic and Sophie were actually star-crossed lovers. Again, I can’t explain why without ruining the whole book.

All I can say is that it’s an action-packed book, full of danger and suspense. I highly recommend it. The good news is that it is the first in a series. I will definitely be buying the second one when it comes out. :)