We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

We'll Always Have Summer is the third book in the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy but despite that, this review won't contain spoilers from the previous books. The series follows Isabelle, also known as Belly by her brother and two boys she spends her Summer with at their mother's Summerhouse. She has known the boys, Conrad and Jeremiah for as long as she remembers, but has always had feelings for both, Conrad in particular. The series follows Belly as she grows up, becomes a young woman and has to choose between the two boys. 

The third book was possibly my favourite of the three, with the first being my least favourite. By the third book, the characters had grown up and developed a romantic history, one that I'm not sure I liked. There's a lot of debate in the contemporary world about whether or not Belly ended up with the right guy and I don't feel like she did. The book was a great way to end the series and I felt like nothing was left unanswered, however unhappy I was with the conclusion. I would highly recommend reading the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy if you're a fan of contemporary. 

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