When Dreams Come True by Rebecca Emin

When Dreams Come True is a British coming-of-age story that focuses on friendship, family and growing up. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story as it felt so relatable and instantly brought me back to my school days, making me nostalgic for both the simplicities and complexities of growing up.

The story was perfectly written for the target audience, yet appeals to readers of any age. At 23, I found myself connecting to the characters, the storyline and the themes that ran throughout this book. The themes of friendship were prominent throughout the book and I especially liked that boy/girl friendships were covered as it’s often something that isn’t covered in YA/teen fiction. Another theme I found particularly interesting was the relationship our main character had with her parents. Great parents are often missing in teen fiction, replaced with a dramatic problematic element to make the storyline more exciting. However, this story had great, supportive parents and it was refreshing to read. The slight romantic aspect in the story was realistic for the characters ages and was enjoyable to read about, particularly the ending.

One aspect I loved about the story was the imagery, particularly the B&B and the seaside location – I created a dreamy image in my head that made me just want to jump straight into the image and live forever in the picturesque fictional location. There was a dream theme that ran throughout the story and created an extra dimension to the overall feel of the book.

I would highly recommend you read this book, it is suitable for any age but for teens, I would definitely recommend you pick it up.