You Know Me Well by David Levithan & Nina LaCour

Mark and Kate go to the same school, but it wasn't until one night during San Francisco's Pride - when they both faced big moments in their lives - that they became friends. Neither had any idea how important they would be to each others lives and how close they would quickly become. Told in alternating chapters from the perspectives of both Mark (written by David Levithan) and Kate (written by Nina LaCour), this story is a heartwarming journey of friendship, love and growing up.

Despite being written by two authors, the storytelling is seamless and if I hadn't known otherwise, I would have thought the book was written by one author alone. Whilst both authors do have different writing styles, it felt so similar when reading this book and their differences felt like the characters perspective, rather than the authors difference in voice. This book has a massive LGBTQ theme running throughout, but I hate to describe books as "LGBTQ books" as it feels as though it's so much more just being defined as an LGBTQ book. 

I would strongly recommend reading this book, it had a dreamlike feel to it and I devoured it in one sitting. Whether you're a fan of David and Nina or not, you will love this book. 

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