Zombie Rock by J.R. Cleveland

Zombie Rock by J. R. Cleveland is a humorous horror story about a teen's fight for survival and acceptance after a zombie apocalypse forces him and his mother to flee to a hick town run by a psychotic preacher.

This was a great book all around! The author packed a lot into this well-written and fast-paced zombie tale. Readers explore the thoughts of seventeen year-old Jackson as he recounts, in humorous first-person narrative, his struggles to fit in after moving to a new town and other --ahem-- mind-numbing events that unfold.

Zombie Rock made me think.  I enjoyed the subtle tribute to the additional sacrifices single parents make to provide for their kids as well as the allegory about who the real monsters in society are.

As far as content is concerned, if Zombie Rock were a movie I would give it the same rating the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave Warm Bodies: Rated PG-13 for zombie violence and some language.  

BTW, I love that the MPAA felt it necessary to classify the violence as "zombie violence" and not simply "violence", but lest this review become completely mindless, I digress-- Zombie Rock good.  You read.  Now.

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