After The Ball (2015)

After The Ball is a conventional chick-flick teen film. Kate, a fashion-lover who dreams of working within the world of Couture is struggling to get a job within the industry. Nobody trusts the daughter of a retail King who copies the styles and work of the very Couture designers Kate dreams of working for. When she joins the family business, Kate must navigate her way around the offices, whilst dealing with her evil step-mother and meddling step-sisters. With the help of a gorgeous guy from the shoe department, a gay best friend and her godmothers vintage wardrobe - Kate takes on the task of exposing the evil trio and proving she can make it within the fashion industry. 

This modern-day Cinderella retelling takes on the evil step-mother/step-sister roles perfectly. The characters were fairly cliche, but in the best possible way when it comes to films of this nature. It's a fun film that isn't to be taken too seriously - it will have you giggling, swooning and shouting at your TV. Combining fashion design, fairytale retellings and a lust-worthy romance, this film is one you need to watch. 

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