Ask Me Anything (2014)

*Trigger warning: This film contains themes of a sexual nature, including sex offences*

When I saw this film was on Netflix, starring Britt Robertson (The Longest Ride) and featured a blogger discussing her sex life online - I knew I needed to watch it, despite having never heard of it before. With a solid 4.5 on Netflix (hard to achieve), I couldn't wait to dive right in and knew next to nothing about the amazing film that would turn out to be Ask Me Anything. 

Katie doesn't want to go to college, she'd rather defer for a year and take her life as it comes, without making big decisions. She creates an anonymous blog to learn more about herself and the way she wants her life to go and in particular, chronicles her sex life with her numerous partners. She soon begins to get in over her head and she has to deal with problems she never expected. 

This film is not a light-hearted film in any way, shape or form. It is deep, it is dark and it will leave you speechless. Katie is confused between purely sexual relationships and emotional ones and that forms the backbone of this storyline. It places a strong emphasis on youth today and our reliance on technology and social media - the link was seamless and Britt was an excellent casting choice for this part. This movie will take you on an introspective journey into your own life, both currently and your teenage years. Whilst this film does contain strong themes, it doesn't have many shocking scenes so I would only recommend this to a mature teenage audience but to those, I would highly recommend. 

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