Nerve (2016)

So, I've been waiting for this movie for a while. Ever since I saw the trailer, I knew I had to go see it. But then life got in the way... After three failed attempts to go watch it in the cinema, I finally managed to see it and I wasn't disappointed. Well, for 90% of the movie, I wasn't disappointed. 

Nerve is about an online game, where 'players' play to win, and 'watchers' pay to watch - watchers set dares for the 'players' in a big competition to see who will be win the final round. The dares range from humiliating to life-threatening but it's undeniably great to watch. The movie starts off quite slow, as we follow the main character Vee (Emma Roberts) as she decides to go against expectations and take part in Nerve, teaming up with Ian (Dave Franco) who is an experienced adrenalin junkie. That being said, once the characters arrive in the City, it quickly speeds up and it's a fast-paced, intense thriller until the end. Then I hated the ending. It felt like an anti-climax and if the ending had been better, Nerve would have been a strong contender for my favourite film of the year. 

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