The Boy Next Door (2015)

Please bear in mind this review and film contains mature content so may not be suitable for younger YA Lovers!


In this film production, Jennifer Lopez plays high-school teacher Claire Peterson, the almost divorced but super hot MILF that becomes a victim of the equally hot but kinda psychotic “boy next door” Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman).

The film begins with Claire Peterson out on a jog, recollecting the moment she confronted her cheating husband. Once her best friend and colleague from work Vicky Lansing (Kristen Chenoweth) urges her to get a divorce, Claire reprimands her. The next afternoon, on her way to the doctor's with her son Kevin (Ian Nelson), the garage door just won't budge; but guess what knight in shining armour swoops in to save the day! None other than Noah Sandborn, an orphaned, almost twenty year old, olive-skinned, pretty-boy that is currently staying and taking care of his great-uncle, who is in desperate need of a bone-transplant. Sweet right?

However, late in the evening, after experiencing an awful double date with Vicky, Claire receives a phone call from Noah, claiming he needs assistance with some half-cooked chicken. With his great-uncle at the hospital and Claire's family on a fishing trip for the weekend, Noah steals this opportunity to succumb to lust and manages to successfully seduce and sleep with Claire, birthing the beginning of his obsession with her and the end of Claire's safety.

Performance wise, Jennifer Lopez's was so-so, much like all her films really, though you can't deny she's an altogether great perfomer. Ryan Guzman, on the other hand, won't remain unknown for long, after this performance. He knocked it out of the park, took it to church and back, switching from the sweet and macho boy who fixes car engines and quotes Homer to the obsessed and psychotic dirtbag in mere seconds. Though, Barbara Curry is to blame for writing the screenplay that effectively moulded and brought to life these two characters.

Also, director Rob Cohen, does well to capture some pretty gruesome and graphic moments in the film. He decently directs scenes that will make you cringe, giggle and grit your teeth in anticipation.

So, the moral of the story is: don't do your neighbour. And most definitely, don't do your neighbour's son - because you might just be flirting with death, a prison sentence or an STD.

Either way lose-lose.

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