XOXO (2016)

Six strangers lives collide in a strange way when they all go to an electro neon music festival. With Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) as one of the main characters, and Graham Phillips (The Good Wife) as another - I really enjoyed their characters. We aren't given much background story for either, it's mainly a "one night only" type of film as we see how they cope with the experience of this one night at the festival. 

At first, I really didn't like this film, then it kind of grew on me. It's a feel-good cliche of a movie, but it was kind of fun. The music wasn't exactly my personal taste, so the fact that the entire soundtrack was electro wasn't my favourite part, but it fit well with the movie as a whole. This movie features a lot of music, drugs, romance, dream-chasing and at times, I struggled to like it, but it was an entertaining way to spend a Sunday night so if you're looking for something new to watch on Netflix that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling - watch XOXO.

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