Reader Submissions

Want to share your love for all things YA? Want to see your work published on YA Love Magazine? Keep reading...

We now have openings for reader submissions because we want to hear more from you guys. So what are we looking for?

We want to hear what you're loving in YA. Just finished a book you are obsessed with and can't die to share your thoughts? Send it in. Saw a movie that sparked your own idea for a story, submit your short story to us! Anything you're passionate about, if you think you can put your words down on paper (or a word document), we want to hear from you. Whilst we will pretty much accept any topic, here are some ideas of what we're looking for:

  • Bookish articles - What books are you loving? What books are you looking forward to coming out? Which popular (or not-so-popular) themes should we be talking about? What ideas would you like to see more of in YA? Which characters do you love? How has reading YA affected your life? Anything YA book related - we want to hear it. 
  • Book reviews - Read a great book lately? We want to hear your thoughts. Remember to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, and contains a brief synopsis written by you, before your opinions on the book. 
  • TV & Movie articles - Want to recommend your favourite TV shows in a certain genre? Seen a load of teen movies with a similar cliche character and want to write about them? Anything teen/YA TV and movie based, we want to hear it!
  • TV & Movie reviews - We want to hear your thoughts on YA TV series and movies. Again, as long as it contains a brief synopsis, your thoughts, and remains as spoiler-free as possible - we want it!
  • Short stories - We want one-part short stories about any and everything you can imagine in YA. Think you've got an idea for a great story? We want to hear it! All work must be suitable for "teen" readers as this is a YA publication.
  • Fan art - We're hoping to start a bookmark line in the near future and want some original artwork based on all things YA and fandom created by you guys. 
  • Something else we don't already do. So, we're very linear here on YA Love, but that doesn't mean we're not open to suggestions. Think you have a great idea for a new section or post? Try us!

If any of this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of, send us an email to with the subject: 'Reader Submission', and a brief pitch of your ideas, alongside a little paragraph about yourself and your interests - why do you love YA? Then attach your piece and wait to hear back from us!

Want to write on a regular weekly/fortnightly basis? We want to hear from you too! See our Join Our Team page for more information. 


Disclaimer: YA Love Magazine will only accept articles that fit our themes and brand. If an article is not suitable, YA Love Magazine reserves the right to reject the pitch and not use the article on By submitting your work, you are giving YA Love Magazine permission to edit and publish your work on on a volunteer basis. All approved articles will be edited by YA Love before publishing, but significant errors may result in your piece being rejected, so please make sure you proof-read before you submit. If YA Love accepts your piece, you will be notified by email and we will advise you as to when your article will be published in our editorial schedule. We also ask that you provide a photograph (or avatar) of yourself, two sentences to describe yourself and any blog/social media links to accompany your piece.