5 Fave Gilmore Girls Nerdy References

The Gilmore Girls Revival will be airing in about a month (EEEEEK) so we wanted to celebrate by writing a ton of Gilmore Girls articles to get us (and you) into the Stars Hollow spirit. The sassy, hilarious, coffee-loving Gilmore's are well-known for their nerdy pop-culture references, most of which go straight over my head, admittedly. There are Tumblr blogs and whole social media accounts dedicated to the quick-witted quips of the Gilmore Girls and whilst there are far too many for me to fit into this article, I selected a few of my favourites: 

1. "Don't Kill Harry"

In Season 1, Miss Patty was teaching her dance students to improve their posture by balancing Harry Potter books on their heads. This quote was a classic GG & Miss Patty quote, and my number one favourite. 

2. Meeting Buffy

In Season 5, Paris was leaving the dorm late at night when Rory surprises us with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference... Not sure about you, but we think Paris would get along swimmingly with the Vamps...

3. I'm Not Daria

It's no surprise that we're big Daria fans here at YA Love HQ, but when Rory made a Daria reference in Season 4? Life = Made. 

4. Waiting for Aragorn

The Gilmore Girls made plenty of Lord of the Rings references, but this one from Season 4 is by far our favourite. Don't worry Lorrelai... We are too... 

5. Britney Spears

Finally, although the GG make plenty of complicated, nerdy references, they also make some that the masses can understand. This one about Britney may be outdated now, but when the show aired, it was pretty spot-on. 

What are your favourite Gilmore Girls references? Head down to the comments to let us know - or tweet us your favourite gifs!

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