Fallen: The Movie

Never before have I awaited a fantasy book to movie adaptation since Twilight with such bated breath I did wonder if I'd ever breathe properly again.

The Fallen movie has been in talks for what seems like forever! In actual fact it's only been in the making since 2013 but still; 3 years? That's a long time to wait for a love story that makes you want to relive it over and over... which is apt.

Fallen, written by Lauren Kate, is the first in a series about a girl names Lucinda. A girl plagued by 'shadows' only she can see which, ultimately, lead to landing her in areform school for those who suffer from mental illness. Naturally she meets two dashing guys; one who obviously wants to get closer to her and one who obviously wants to stay away from her. Guess which one takes her fancy?

I wouldn't give anything away but the trailer is helpful in that aspect; no longer teasers but spoilers, in my opinion. Still, it's enough to give those who have read the series goosebumps. It's always a pleasure seeing characters you've imagined come to life so I hope that this adaptation doesn't dissapoint.

It's definitely given me a push to re-read the series, of which there are four books and a spin off novel, and rediscover the story before the feature length hits cinema screens (apparently very soon but I can't find the definite date). The trailer is, at the moment, back under wraps – if you had a chance to see it let me know what you thought! 

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