5 Ways To Get Your PLL Fix While Waiting For 6B To Begin!

Now that PLL has finished its summer run the team here at YA Love are all eagerly awaiting season 6B… although right now that seems a very long way away! In the meantime I thought it might be fun to share a list of ideas of how fans can pass the time until the next episode airs.

Search For Clues

If you haven’t gone back and revisited any of the earlier seasons since the big A reveal now is the perfect time to do so! Re-watch right from the start or pick out key episodes and enjoy spotting all of the clues you may have missed the first time around.

Catch Up On Aftershows

I’m a huge fan of aftershows and love hearing the thoughts and theories of others who enjoy the same series I do. If you’re revisiting some of the older episodes why not check out corresponding podcasts or YouTube videos as well? If you’re new to aftershows try the PLL specific shows from Afterbuzz TV or Bustle.

Start To Speculate

If you’re well and truly ready to leave behind the A mystery after 6A’s finale why not join those who are already trying to piece together what the new mystery will be? The last few minutes of the finale showed us a sneaky peek into the lives of the girls post-time jump, now it’s time to try and figure out just how they got to that and point and what will happen next!

Pick Up The Books

It wouldn’t be right for me to share this list without including the original source of the stories behind the show we all know and love; Sara Shepard’s novels! If you’ve already finished all 15+ of the super successful PLL novels and novellas, why not try some of Shepard’s other books? Both The Lying Game & The Perfectionists series are perfect for PLL fans!

Get Creative

There are tons of PLL-inspired projects out there (including this necklace I shared over on my blog!) so why not get your craft on? If you’re planning on watching the 6B premiere with friends you could DIY a few decorations or perhaps an outfit based on your favourite Liar.

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