Horror TV Shows You Need To Be Watching

2016 seems to be the rise of the Horror TV show and there have definitely been some goodies so far! As always, Fall brings the premiere of loads of new TV shows - and there are even more Horror episodes to sink your teeth into (although some of them may not be suitable for a younger, sensitive audience - Horror fans only please!) Here are the scary, and not-so-scary Horror shows you should be watching this Halloween, if you haven't already: 

The Scary...

The Exorcist

There are few things scarier than the old movie The Exorcist, but the TV show remake is definitely a welcome addition to the Horror genre. There have been plenty of classic scary moments, church politics and tension-building scenes and we can't wait to see what the rest of the series throws our way. 

Channel Zero

This TV show is for older viewers and the storyline can be quite creepy, but it's definitely one to watch if you love classic horror and want a new unique TV show with disturbed characters to sink your teeth into. 

American Horror Story

This wouldn't be a Horror TV Show list if it didn't include American Horror Story - I think the current series is one of the best, so if you haven't yet seen any of the AHS episodes - you can start with any series, as they all contain different, isolated storylines. 

Bates Motel

This show is coming back for a fifth season soon, but it's creepy vibe is definitely great for Halloween. Not necessarily a traditional Horror TV show, Bates Motel follows the life of Norman Bates (the character from the classic Hitchcock Horror Psycho) as he grows up. 

Penny Dreadful

This show is one that you NEED to watch if you're a fan of creepy content. The IMDB description summarises the premise, but the show is definitely high on our recommendations: "Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London."

Dead of Summer

I have mixed feelings about this show, but regardless, it's a great Horror addition to binge around this time of year. Set in the 80's at a Summer Camp, this spooky teen Horror will have you confused, gripping your seat in excitement and hiding behind your hands in terror. 

Not So Scary...

The Good Witch

If you're wanting a Halloween watch that isn't spooky or at all terrifying (as most of the above can be, at times) then The Good Witch is a good place to start. A light-hearted TV comedy about a teenage Witch and her mother, The Good Witch is a great watch to get you in the Halloween mood. 


Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without some spooky Zombie's around - iZombie may have the themes of a Horror TV show, but it's fairly 

Scream Queens

Season 2 of Scream Queens is back and we couldn't be more excited! Whilst this show isn't for everyone, it's hilarious and we're definitely BIG fans here at YA Love HQ. It's definitely a show you either love or hate, but it's worth watching to see if it's your thing! Bitchiness, black comedy and gore galore!

Which TV shows would you recommend this halloween? Let us know in the comments! 

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